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This journal contains lots of personal material/filth/crap, I'd rather know who's reading it.

Please comment to be added.

I got a new journal, if you want to know what it is, you can ask.
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buttons has been so wonderful lately, it's hard to even leave her to go to work... here she is with me after a bath, and wearing a diaper. sadly.

also i kind of look like i'm going bald T_T but it's not even true. after months of growing, my hair is almost down to my butt!
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good dog [1.7.10]
i'm not sure how it happened, or what was wrong in the first place, but in 24 hours, buttons went from not being able to stand to being perfectly fine. we are now left with a healthy dog and two weeks of a small dog-level dosage of tramadol.

it's weird how her lameness progressed: on friday, her left leg only was bad. on saturday, both legs were bad and she could not walk at all. on sunday, her right leg was noticeably worse than her left leg. monday evening she finally seemed a bit better. yesterday she was almost 100%.
it's weird. we have no idea what was wrong-- i'd guess a pinched nerve (i read a lot about spinal disc slippage in dogs and it sounds like...?) but i have no idea, withought taking her to the vet again i'm not sure i'll ever find out.
she is still hesitant about jumping-- before she could jump into my arms which i'd guess is about three feet, but today she still can't jump onto the couch or beds.

kind of freaky!


i could barely get a picture off her today because she was so active! she loves playing in the snow, and i'm so glad she can!
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drawn today [1.6.10]

i'm going to start trying to draw one picture every day. i also made a resolution that i'd draw a 30 finished pictures on my computer (planned/lines/colored) before next year. which seems small but i never have any free time.

so here are two, a kitten girl and a firefly girl.
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drug dog [1.2.10]
buttons was limping friday morning when we woke up, and when it didn't get any better (and she proceeded to throw up, shake, and pant from being in pain) we took her to the vet. turns out she tore her acl (a ligament over her knee)

they gave her some morphine and sent her home with us. anyone who has met her will know these pictures are unusually ... motionless. poor dog has been half asleep all day.

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A few things I drew lately, from youngest to oldest. Trying to get these things on the computer because stuff keeps moving around and I'm worried about losing the physical copies.

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don't let my cousin play the racist sims [6.2.09]
"Hi Merit,

My Sims and I are all doing just great! I made a

family of Sims with two daughters: Lilly and Sunset,

and their parents: Mary and John. Then I made

Butler and Maid, two African Americans, to live with

them. Maid and Butler are always cleaning up after

everyone else and Butler potty-trained Sunset. They

all live on a farm in a one-room cabin.

How are you doing?


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documentaries [4.9.09]
i just watched one of the worst documentaries i have ever seen:

My Car is My Lover

basically this is about guys who want to have sex with their cars. it sounds interesting. i loved the one about guys who want to have sex with their dolls. this one was pretty bad.

it was bad because the people making the documentary were slimy juveniles with no concept of objectivity: the film makers secretly videotaped the one guy masturbating onto a car twice and it's like... that is something i would have done around the period in time that we were making "osean's birthday video." it is certainly not a professional move. it was also just gratuitous and gross. they videotaped his jizz on the ground. they then wanted to tell the other guy that the guy who masturbated on his car had done that, but... why??
and i learned nothing.

i do love documentaries, though. the best ones i have seen recently are guys and dolls, living dolls: the making of a child beauty queen, and jesus camp. all three are pretty awesomely objective even though they're tackling pretty crazy things. you can also watch all three online, for free!
that is a doublewin.

if you have any good documentaries to stop me from being bored at 5:30 in the morning... please share :)

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too interesting
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So, raccoons snuck into my house and took the butter dish. Not just that but they broke it on my porch and ate allll the butter.
These raccoons are getting cheeky!
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